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The Art of Shine

Welcome to Refract Car Care Products Australia




Refract have and will continue working with many factories that produce top quality car care products. Join us on our Journey whilst we show you show you images,videos and live feeds on where and how your products are made. It fascinates us and hopefully you as well to know how a simple clay bar is produced or exactly how a cutting compound is created.

From Foam and Microfibre Cutting Pads to Microfibre Towels to Dual Action and Rotary Polishers, we will take you through a vast array of complex manufacturing techniques and factory tours. We will introduce you to the Staff and Engineers of each of the compnanies and hopefull expel the myth of how Asian companies Quality is Cheap and Nasty.

Remember that WE the consumers are responsible for quality. If companies want cheap products then that is what these factories will produce for you and this is why Asia is getting tired of their name being dragged through the mud. This is why they are now unleashing their own factory brands with no compromise on quality.