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Joybond Japanese Clay Bars

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Joybond Japanese Clay Bars

Quickly, Safely and Easily Remove Contaminants and Fallout

Japanese Raw Materials and Manufacturing

200 Gram Bar Available in Fine and Firm

Watch a Clay Bar Demonstration HERE



Joybond Japanese Clay Bars


One very crucial step in preparing your paint and surfaces for the best polishing results is the Clay Bar!


Clay was originally discovered and used in the Vehicle Detailing Industry by the Japanese many years ago now.


Joybond Industries Japan are the original manufacturer of  Clay bars for the Automotive detailing industry since 1993


Millions of Customers and OEM Companies Use Joybond as their choice of Top Spec Clay!


From the original creators, this Japanese 200g  Clay from Joybond in Japan is the highest quality and original clay you can find anywhere in the world! Use it over and over again and ensure your paint and surfaces have been decontaminated thoroughly!  These Joybond Clay bars are the first to be offered in Australia by Refract CCPA at this price! (Beware of Imitations)


These bonded contaminants like Over spray, Bug Splatter, Fuel Fallout, Black Carbon Deposits, Sap and Tar and other nasties that lodge themselves onto your paint consistently build up over time. Even brand new cars suffer from this due to sitting on wharf’s, transport yards and even over spray from the manufacturing process.


These contaminants and tiny little particles embed themselves into your paint and cannot be removed by conventional washing techniques. They hinder the ability to see true potential of your paints reflection, make the paints surface rough and make it very dangerous to polish over!


Directions for use:


  1. Ensure Vehicle has been washed and dried thoroughly reducing the risk of any dirt or sand from scratching in the clay.
  2. Remove Claybar from Packaging and Twist/Tear the Bar in half
  3. Knead the Clay in your clean hands until it is warm and pliable. Flatten out the Clay in your palm
  4. Start at one upper area of your vehicle and Lightly Spray a Mist of Water or Clay lube onto the surface
  5. With a light but deliberate downwards pressure start creating friction with the clay against the surface in a back and forth motion keeping even pressure and listening carefully for the reduction in surface noises and increased smoothness. (Read more in Claybar Blog)
  6. Complete the Claying Process on the upper (Clean) areas of your vehicle Panel by Panel first. After the first panel inspect the Claybar and look at the amount of buildup of contaminants in the bar. Fold the Clay-bar in half again and continue.
  7. Wipe over the Clayed surface with a Soft >330gsm Microfiber Towel and feel for any further rough spots and re-clay if necessary. (The Surface should be very smooth)
  8. If you can still feel bumps, see physical contaminants or rough areas after this first initial clay with a Fine Cut then it may be time to consider a Heavier-Cut Claybar for removal. (More Prominent on White Vehicles)
  9. Continue around the Vehicle Constantly kneading and Inspecting the Claybar. Although the Claybar will absorb particles sometimes larger debris can be exposed. Kneading and folding the Claybar will always reveal a clean new surface time after time
  10. Once finished Fill the supplied (or Tupperware) container with water and store your clay bar for safe keeping until next time. Clay your car every few months to keep those contaminants at bay!



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