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Maxshine 3″ Foam Pad Stack – 3 Pack/Rounded Edge

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Maxshine 3″ Foam Pad Stack – 3 Pack/Rounded Edge

Dual Action and Rotary Machine Compatible

Includes 1 x  Cutting, 1 x  Polishing, 1 x Finishing Pad

Latest German sourced foam and technology

3 Inch (75mm) to 85mm Polishing Face

Hook and Loop to suit all machines

25mm pad thickness

Reusable Snap Lock Packaging

Maxshine Packaging Seal of Authenticity


Maxshine 3″ Foam Pad Stack – 3 Pack

Rounded Edge



No Further Discounts Apply


Get the job done with the convenience of a 3 Pack of  Cutting, Polishing and Finishing Pads from Maxshine.

High Quality German Sourced Foam with great results, minimal shred and long service life!

Combined with your favourite compounds and Dual Action or Rotary Polisher these Maxshine Foam Pads get the results you need!

With Maxshine manufacturing for some of the worlds largest brands then Maxshine is a clear choice for their price and durability.


Pad Stack Includes:

1 x 3 Inch Rounded Edge Foam Cutting Pad

1 x 3 Inch Rounded Edge Foam Polishing Pad

1 x 3 Inch Rounded Edge Foam Finishing Pad

Tips for Use:

All Vehicles Paint and Surfaces will differ from make to make. Paint tends to differ in Hardness. Whether it’s a Single Stage Acrylic (No Clear Coat) or 2 Pack (Clear over base Coated).

In General, Paint surfaces on European and American Cars like VW, BMW, Audi, Mercedes, GM are considered “Hard” and can require a Heavier Cutting Foam Pad and or type ie (Wool/Microfiber)



Soft Painted Vehicles are Generally makes from Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Holden, Ford. These paints can require much less aggressive type of pad and work to reduce swirls and defects. These paints can sometimes be easily corrected with a variety of foam pads but others may need Wool or Microfiber.


“Always Let the Pad do the Work”


Just Like with any consumable tool and product, they are designed to assist in getting the job done but will eventually require replacement.

All Maxshine Pads and any pads on the market are well built and will last for many Polishing Jobs if used correctly.





Always Prime any Pad you are using. Place 4-6 Dots of Pea Sized Polish onto the pad surface and massage them through the fibres to ensure full coverage before polishing. Then place another 4-5 Pea sized dots to start correcting.


Cutting Defects is rarely done at a High Speed. You may feel like your getting the job done faster but actually its best to keep any Dual Action Polisher in the Speed Range 3-4. Keep your arm speed slow and with only enough pressure/Force to keep the pad rotating (Which is when it actually cuts effectively).


Remember that Correctly Prepped Paint surfaces are very raw. The paints resistance to a Cutting pad surface is initially increased until the surface is more refined and smooth. Initially it may be frustrating to keep pad rotation and its easy to blame the Machine etc but keep your pad well lubricated with Compound (Not Saturated tho), keep it clean, adjust your pressure and even spray a light mist of water or quick detailing spray as you go for initial compounding stages.


“One Pass” is generally a 60x60cm Section (Between Most Peoples Shoulder Blades) taking about 6-10 Seconds to do so and then in a Cross Hatch Method with 50% overlap.


Keep the Pads Clean! – A pad that is full of removed paint residue is not as effective as one that has all its cell/fibre strands clear to do its job. The pad will heat up too quickly and eventually cause premature failure if blocked up.


Always clean your pads after every panel or couple of “passes” with an air gun, pad brush or designated pad washer system. We recommend always having at least 2 types of each pad strength or more when paint correcting.


Pads that have too much pressure applied and are violently used will collect paint debris, heat up too fast and will fail quicker.  Minimising heat is any detailers objective. Always think about this! Ask yourself  “Is my compound dusting too much because of heat?”, “Is my Pad too hot because i’m working a too large of a section too quickly?”. “I must clean my pad after every section”.


Some “All Purpose Cleaners” can also deteriorate pad materials and we only advise using a dedicated pad cleaner liquid or gentle Ph Neutral Washing Shampoo when Final Cleaning Pads.





Combined with the right Polishing and Finishing Compounds the Pads can be used at higher speeds (4-6) on Dual Action Machines. The resistance in the paint is lower as the surface has been refined from the compounding stages and will generate less heat and drag.


High Speed will always cause more heat tho. Yes, you can increase your machine speed and arm speed for sections but always be mindful of how hot the pad is getting! Never let the pad free spin at high speed without pressure on them! It’s like trying to hang on to one of those kiddies play park spinning things. You’ll fall off eventually…


Professional Detailers use at least 4 pads of each strength per car. They do this because they know that pads that are overworked will heat up and fail quicker. They change them out after every few panels to let them cool and work with a freshly cleaned, cool one every time.



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