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Maxshine Foam Interface Backing Pad


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Maxshine Foam Interface Backing Pad

Interface Hook and loop Foam Pad

Attaches to your Polisher Backing Plates

Used as a soft and safe Interface when wet sanding

10mm Foam thickness

Hook and Loop backing to  firmly attach to any Polisher

Available in 3, 5 and 6 Inch Sizes



Maxshine Foam Interface Backing Pad


Conduct Damp Sanding and Texture Levelling with more of a safety barrier between the paint and the Backing Plate.


Provides an even and consistent Damp Sanding Platform to ensure even removal of paint and defects


Confidently Damp Sand up to Edges and Body Lines whilst lowering the risk of removing too much paint!


Safely conform your sanding disc or even thin wool cutting pads to a sweeping corners and curves


Great for use with Hook and Loop 2000, 3000 and 5000 Grit Damp Sanding Discs.


Vented Holes to align with most DA Backing Plates for Maximum Cooling


Balanced and Smooth


When you get Serious about detailing there will come a time when you will need to Damp or Wet Sand a Vehicle Paint to Reduce or Remove the “Orange Peel” effect that drives us all crazy to look at! It reduces the Natural ability to see clarity in the paint and is just simply ugly to look at!


Nearly every Vehicle that hasn’t been Custom Painted and Refinished is subject to Orange Peel! Go and Check yours out to see what we are talking about!


Take an orange out there with you to match!


Orange Peel is generally not a defect but just an outcome of  Factory Spraying Process and their time critical manufacturing techniques.


Factory Paint (Especially Clear Coat)  is often applied very thinly and by robots very quickly. The Orange Peel or Rough Texture you see in Vehicles varies quite considerably. The Orange Peel Texture is generally caused by the Air Pressure coming out of the Paint Gun tips combined with thin paint amounts.  Car manufacturers deem this to be acceptable but for us Detailers and car enthusiasts this does not cut the mustard!


The only way to remove or dramatically reduce the Orange Peel Effect is to mechanically abrade the surface and then work your way back through the polishing stages to reveal Chrystal Mirror-Like Clarity!


Now this process is a case by case scenario.


Many Car Manufactures need to save costs by applying the minimal amount of Paint necessary to meet Automotive Standards in each Country of manufacture.


You must have a good understanding of how much clear coat there is on the Vehicle to safely remove just enough to minimise the Peel and also to further refine that surface back to an acceptable mirror affect.


Removing and Minimising Orange Peel is not difficult at all! The Biggest Consideration is How much paint you have to work with before the Clear Coat is either too thin to retain its UV Resistance or removing too much that you sand right through the clear and dig into the Base Coat (Time for a repaint if this happens)


In most cases and for most vehicles this operation can be carefully carried out by anyone with a careful eye and understanding of paint finishes and thicknesses.

Additional information

Weight0.04 kg
Dimensions25 × 18 × 3 cm

3 Inch, 5 Inch, 6 Inch


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