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Maxshine Magic Clay Bar 200 Gram Fine

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Maxshine Magic Clay Bar 200 Gram

Remove Embedded Contaminants on paint surfaces

Increases gloss and smooths paint

Easy to use and an essential item in Vehicle Detailing

2 x 100 Gram Individually Wrapped Clay Bars

Screw Top Clear Protective Container

High Grade Synthetic Blend of Polymer Clay

Taiwan Raw Materials

Available In Fine or Firm

In stock


Maxshine Magic Clay Bar 200 Gram


To Decontaminate and Remove below and above surface contaminants is an essential part in preparing your Vehicles Surfaces prior to Paint Correction or applying waxes and sealants.


The Surface you are preparing must be as raw as you can get it as there’s no point trying to polish debris into the paint. This is done a few ways but the Clay Bar Process is always required.


Generally to the naked eye most surface contaminants aren’t easily seen but if you carefully look into the surface and look really closely you will see hundreds, if not thousands of tiny particles have stuck to the surface reducing its shine and reflection. Put your hand inside a plastic bag and run your fingers across the paint to feel them!


Clay Bars can safely remove many above surface contaminants like Tiny Black Carbon Spots,  Paint Over-spray from Industrial fallout, Bore Water marks, Brake Dust Deposits along with Tar and Sap.


Clay Bars will also very finely remove the soft tip peaks from the “Orange Peel” texture Affect making the surface appear flatter and shiner.


Any surface can be Clay Barred. Use on Paint, Glass, Plastic Trims, Wheels, Exhaust Tips and even Vinyl Wrapped Vehicles


The process to using a clay bar is really simple:

  1. Ensure Vehicle is thoroughly washed and dried
  2. Tear off a piece of Clay around the size of a Match Box and Knead that piece until it is warm and pliable into a flat palm sized piece.
  3. Using a Clay Lubricant or a Quick Detailer Spray, mist a small section and firmly place the Clay Bar flat against the surface.
  4. Quickly Glide the Clay Bar back and forth whilst adding more Lubricant or Water. This creates Friction and the Clay will “Grab” the contaminants and embed them into the Clay!.
  5. Inspect the Clay Bar after each section and knead/Fold the Clay Bar on itself to reveal a new section to use and then continue.
  6. Once all surfaces have been Clayed then you will see that the surfaces are Instantly Shinier and Contaminant Free already!.
  7. Store used Clay Separately until no new surfaces are revealed when kneaded.
  8. Store your Clay in Clean Water to prolong its use and prevent it from drying out.

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