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Maxshine Twisted Wool Cutting Pads


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Maxshine Twisted Wool Heavy Cutting Pads

Cut and Refine Heavy Swirls and Defects

Suitable for All Paint Types

Dual Action and Rotary Compatible

Long Lasting Aggressive Australian Wool

Will Cut 1500-3000 Grit Sanding marks and Swirls

Rubber Backed to Increase Surface Contact and Smoothness

Strong Hook and Loop Backing Plate Material

Central Heat Dispersal Hole

Maxshine Snap-lock Packaging Pouch

Maxshine Seal of  Genuine Authenticity

Also Available in 3, 5 and 6 Inch



Maxshine Twisted Wool Heavy Cutting Pads

Refract Car Care Products Australia




From Cutting Hard Euro to Soft Japanese Paints, these Maxshine DA Wool Cutting Pads will slice through Swirls and Paint defects like a hot knife through Butter!


Made from High Quality Sourced German Foam combined with the best Australian Wool Materials then these pads are sure to impress!


Used on a Dual Action or Rotary Polisher, these Maxshine Twisted Wool Cutting Pads are designed for Low-Medium Speed Machine Defect Removal (Speed Range 2-4). Only Cut defects in a max 60x60cm area at a time and keep your arm speed slow, taking 6-10 seconds per line pass.


All Paint Correction Pads must always be kept Clean, Cool and Excessive force must not be applied. Let the pad and compound do the work! and don’t over-saturate the pad with compound!



Tip: We recommend always cleaning your pad after each few passes to clear removed paint debris which keeps the cutting fibres exposed and pad temperatures down!



Note: No Cutting Pad in Vehicle Detailing is conducted at High Speed! Incorrect use and overheating causing De-lamination of the pad is not warranted. Please use these pads as they are intended and you will achieve great results!

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