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SGCB Highest Grade Pure Ivory Carnauba Wax


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SGCB Highest Grade Pure Ivory Carnauba Wax

76% Highest Grade Brazilian Carnauba Wax

230 Gram Block

Easy to apply and used very sparingly

Insoluble in Water

Can be layered to increase clarity and gloss

Will last for 12 months or more if maintained

Withstands Temperatures up to 87 Degrees Celsius

400gsm Microfibre Towel and Premium Applicator Included

Can be left to absorb and dry with easy wipe-off

Sealed Container with Presentation Box

Can last for 20 Applications if used thinly as designed

Same Waxes can Retail for over $1000

In stock


SGCB Highest Grade Pure Ivory Carnauba Wax


To ensure that your vehicle surfaces are protected from the harsh natural elements its crucial that surfaces are protected to avoid fading and deterioration to clear coats and exterior trims.


Carnauba Wax comes in various forms and styles. The most common is an off-the-shelf Liquid that contains Carnauba however as we’ll explain below is not the best solution if you want long lasting protection and gloss.


Carnauba Wax is derived from specific Palm Leaves in Brazil. The best quality leaves are the ones at the top of the tree that directly take the abuse of the elements for years on end. The lower leaves and the ones that are weak often fall to the ground and turn brown. These lower and weaker/dead leaves are the ones that are used in many cheaper liquid waxes and pastes.


Not all Carnauba wax is made the same though. We know that Liquid types have a low content percentage of Carnauba as we have spoke about above. Carnauba at its current highest rating of content is 76%.  This can only be achieved by using the Waxy Palm Leaves from the top of Living Palms and the time required to extract and refine them takes an incredible amount of time but is well worth it for the results.


High content 76% Wax is extremely hard in consistency. It’s ability to repel Heat, UV and Water is simply astonishing. High Content Wax It isn’t available in a liquid form and is only available in a sealed tub in block format. It is very easy to apply once warm and only a very light layer is required meaning your dollar is stretched much much further over cheap waxes that melt and evaporate too quickly.


76% Carnauba Wax is only white or light yellow in colour and provides the user with the Highest Level of Protection and Gloss for longer. There are no excessive fillers, colours or scents added to make it more appealing to the customer. It just doesn’t need it as it Naturally Smells great, only needs to have a small amount of additives to soften it and why would you want a wax that is coloured when your looking for Chrystal Clear Results! It just doesn’t make sense!


Liquid wax’s off the shelf are generally in the 10-15% Carnauba range (The dead leaves that fell on the ground) and are full of Fillers, Masking Agents and Scents. This is to hide the low grade ingredients and to colour/bleach the often dark brown manufacturing process. One main filler that is used in low grade and has a low melting point is Paraffin Wax (Made from Petrol)  and  Bees Wax! Great for Candles, not so good for Automotive surfaces as the melting point is too low!


We really love using high content Carnuaba wax for Longevity and Superior Gloss levels. Years of experience and applications of lower grade Wax have shown us that liquid type wax just simply evaporates, melts away quickly and is full of fillers and hype.


We have seen this same Wax sell for over $1500 which we find crazy as 76% is well… 76%!


Directions for use:

-Ensure that all surfaces are clean, debris-free and cool to the touch.

-To ensure maximum adhesion we always advise that a light polish/primer be conducted and to ensure that all previous wax and oils have been removed we advise using a 10% Isolpropyl  Alcohol to 90% Water Mixture in a spray bottle to maximise adhesion. Spray and Wipe the Entire Vehicle Down with Soft Microfibre Towels and remove all streaks and spots thoroughly.

-Isolpropyl alcohol can be purchased locally in Hardware Stores and Paint Shops

-Warm the Tub of SGCB Carnauba Wax with the lid on in the Sun or in a warm place to slightly assist in application

-Place the Soft SGCB Applicator onto the surface of the Wax Block and rotate until the Applicator has a consistent light coating of Wax on the surafce

-Starting at one corner of your Vehicle start massaging the Wax in small circular of hash type patterns ensuring that no dirt or debris is collecting on the pad.

-Look at the surface carefully as only a very thin layer of Wax is required to absorb with a prepped surface.

-When you feel the Applicator pad starting to “Grab” the surface then its time to lightly add more wax to the Applicator Pad and continue. (Always keep the lid Sealed when not in use)

-Once all surfaces have been coated you can take the clean Microfibre Towel (Included) and wipe gently against the surface. If the Wax has turned Hazy and the Top Flash Coat can be easily removed then you can start wiping off.

-With the Supplied Microfibre Towel Supplied, fold the Towel Flat and Gently remove the top flash coat to reveal the surface. Sometimes a second Microfibre Towel is required to wipe small smears once the supplied towel has absorbed the flash coat.

-Ideally you should replace the Supplied Foam Applicator Pad with a new one every-time you wax another car. Even tho the applicator surface may look clean there will be tiny microscopic traces of debris that will harden with the wax on the applicator and can scratch the surface on further applications. Applicator pads are cheap and can save you in the long run. Do not be tempted to use low quality applicator pads at the foam is too stiff and the risk of micro scratching is very high!

-We recommend only quality applicators like the  SGCB Applicator Pads as a Premium replacement


Wax can be applied to all surfaces to protect, enhance and create a hydrophobic barrier. Try it on interior Instrument panels, dashboards, plastic trims and glass also!





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