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SGCB Iron X Fallout Remover – 500ml


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SGCB Iron X Particle Remover – 500ml

Used to easily remove Embedded Iron Fallout Particles in Paint, Glass, Plastic and Rubber

Chemically and safely removes hard baked on brake dust and carbon buildups on any surface

High Content Thioglycolic Acid – Used Neat
Can Be Diluted with 10% Water if required

Turns a Purple/Black Colour when reacting with Contaminants

Possibly the best Wheel Cleaner Available

Ready to use 500ml Bottle with Spray Trigger assembly

Water Based and PH Neutral Safe

1 Bottle Treats one large Vehicle but a second Bottle may be required if heavily contaminated and the process needs to be repeated.


SGCB Iron X Fallout Remover – 500ml


Fallout is iron particles that can come from various sources. This can be brake dust, Jet Fuel, Carbon Particles from Vehicle Exhausts or airborne particles from Factories.


Thioglycolic Acid is the Main Active Ingredient along with various Citric Acids and is sometimes fragranced to mask its unpleasant smell.


When Thioglycolic Acid is applied to a surface and reacts, the contaminants are broken down, lifted and often turn a purple colour that you can physically see!


The surface of paintwork for example is not completely flat when you look through a microscope, these microscopic “Hills and Valleys” “Orange Peel” can be the place where these particles get stuck. When iron particles oxidise, the surface expands a bit, which cause them to embed themselves deeper under the expansion and contraction theory. The only real way to remove these particles is with a fallout remover. Although it is another expense it will certainly give you the results you want and it is amazing to see how much contamination your Vehicle really had!


We are often amazed at how much Iron Fall out we see on brand new cars! New Cars can sit around Holding Yards for months. These yards are often in Industrial Areas hence the high levels of contamination.


The most common place to find fallout is on your wheels, because of the brake dust from your brake discs.  It is possible to find fallout on pretty much any surface on any vehicle and is a crucial step to conduct before Clay Barring to maximise the life of your Clay and also start the Decontamination process in the deepest part of the surface first!


Directions for Use:

This is the First Step in the Full Decontamination Process. (Even before Clay)

Vehicle Surface MUST be Dry and Cool to the touch. (IMPORTANT)

Refract Highly Recommend to use Chemical Resistant Gloves and Safety Eye-Wear.

DO NOT conduct this procedure in the Direct Sun as the Chemical can dry out before it has a chance to react effectively.

Mist SGCB Iron X Fallout Remover evenly over the entire Vehicle Including the Glass, Wheels, Trims and Exhaust Tips

We Recommended to have a reasonably clean vehicle to start with but this is not essential

Have your Pressure Washer Rigged and Ready to go for the Rinse off!

Let Product Dwell for up to 10-15 Minutes and watch as the reaction takes place!

Look carefully at the reaction. It could be Highly Reactive or Very Minimal, either way you will see the embedded particles being lifted, turned a Purple/Black Colour and are now sitting on top of the surface.

Once the Chemical Reaction has taken place then proceed to Rinse the Entire Vehicle with High Pressure water cleaner from Top to Bottom..


Notes and Cautions:

Do not be alarmed if the product dries out and a milky Stain-Like appearance forms on the surface. This is normal and will be removed with the Pressure Washer and further washing steps.

Be Cautious with this Product on Rubber Trims. Some Older Vehicles and some Rubber Trims can be slightly “spotted” in the process but to avoid this we recommend to gently wipe over them once the Chemical is applied to even out the consistency.

Be cautious to where you conduct this Chemical Procedure as the Fallout and Chemical can stain Lighter coloured Driveways and Garage Floors.

Thioglycolic acid Fallout removers do not smell very nice at all! Think of burning hair! It is advised that you use this product away from open windows or populated environments





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