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SGCB Liquid an Product Applicator Tornador


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SGCB Liquid and Product Applicator Tornador

90ml Graduated Chemical Resistant Applicator Bottle

Great for Wheels, Tyres, Bumpers, Dashboards, Upholstery, Quick Detailing Sprays, Fabric Seats.

Adjustable Metered Flow Valve

Extra Bottles available

SGCB Liquid and Coating Tornador VIDEO HERE


Now this where the serious DIY and Professional Detailer comes to play…


The SGCB Tornador Coating gun is a high quality piece of equipment allowing users to spray an even coating of product onto a surface with efficiency and accuracy.


With the ability to finely but aggressively apply Surface protectants onto many surfaces. The SGCB Liquid and Product Applicator Tornador will reduce product waste, evenly spray cleaning liquids and Protectant Coatings whilst increasing efficiency. Great for Tyre and Bumper Protectant Liquids as it forces the liquids deep into treads and grooves.


With the combination of low air pressure and the Fine Tuning Adjustment, the controlled Manifold allows only a desired amount of liquid into the spray tube and gently dispersing a fine mist of product with force and accuracy, the Tornador Coating Gun is sure to impress.


The SGCB Tornador Coating Gun can be used for Interior, Exterior and also Under Bonnet Applications of Surface Protectants or Ceramic Coatings.


With a Graduated Chemical Resistant bottle Size of up to 90mls and the ability of using this tool on its side or even upside-down it is sure to reduce wastage and the need for excessive product applicators.


Simply dial in the desired mount of liquid mist that is required for the surface, pull the trigger and slowly move the Tornador in a swift consistent movement. The dispersed product can then be wiped over and any residue be quickly flattened if desired.


SGCB Liquid and Coating Tornador VIDEO HERE

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