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SGCB Washing Shampoo – Highly Concentrated

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SGCB Washing Shampoo – Highly Concentrated

Place a layer of lubricity between the paint and wash mitt when washing to avoid swirls

4 Litre, Ph Neutral and Balanced

30mls per 20 Litre Bucket equals 133 washes

Muliple Uses:

5mls in a 800ml Spray Bottle for a Clay Lubricant

30mls in a Snow Foam Cannon for Pre-Soaking

20mls in an 800ml Spray Bottle for a Quick Detailer


SGCB Washing Shampoo – Highly Concentrated


When it comes to Washing your Vehicle Safely to ensure that you are minimising swirls and scratches it is critical that you use a PH Neutral and Balanced Washing Shampoo that has enough lubricant and cleaning power to lift dirt and debris off the surface.


By using the SGCB Washing Shampoo which is a highly concentrated formula ensures that a barrier of lubricant is placed between the surface and wash mitt which minimise swirls and scratches.


SGCB has formulated a Washing Shampoo that can be used in several ways. Just 30mls can be added to 20 Litre Bucket of water to provide enough lubrication and debris lifting power to wash a full car.


5mls of Wash Shampoo can be used in an 800ml Spray Bottle Full of water to be used a as a spray lubricant for Claying.


133 washes can be conducted with only 30mls of product per 20 Litres of Water making it only 0.60 Cents a Wash!


PH Neutral Which mean that it wont strip any Wax, Sealants or Coatings that you have on your Vehicles Surfaces

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