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ShineMaster Cross-Cut Foam Finishing Pads


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ShineMaster Cross-Cut Foam Finishing Pads

→ Dual Action and Rotary Machine Polisher compatible

→ ShineMaster Pads Refine the Cutting and Polishing Stages

→ Completely removes compound hazing

→ Unique German Infused Ingredients to Increase Longevity

→ Next Level Finishing abilities

→ Suitable for Hard and Soft Paints

→ Cross-Cut Pads to keep temps low and compounds working

→ Cross-Cut Pad Pieces do not crumble or break prematurely

→ Semi-Round Edges

→ 25mm Foam Thickness with Hook and Loop Backing material

→ Available in 3, 5 and 6 Inch



ShineMaster Cross-Cut Foam Finishing Pads

By Maxshine


  • Available in 3, 5 and 6 Inch
  • Unique German Foam Ingredients
  • 25mm Foam Thickness
  • Centre Cut Extra Heat Dispersion Hole
  • Red
  • Boxed


→ The ShineMaster Cross Cut Series allows the user to refine the Cutting and Polishing steps. The unique special German sourced foam is infused with special polymer ingredients that hugely reduce pad shred and maximise longevity.

The ShineMaster Cross-Cut Pads, combined with a Finishing Polish will completely remove any hazing or fine marks left by the initial cutting or Polishing Stages.

The unique Cross Cut Design increase cutting, allows compounds to spread further and massively keep pad temperatures to a minimum.

Used Traditionally with a Polishing Compound as a second step in the correction process but can be used with a Finishing Compound for the Finishing Stages as well.


→  Directions for USE

  • Centrally attach the Maxshine Cutting Pad on the backing plate of your Dual Action or Rotary Polisher.
  • Place 4-5 pea sized drops around the pad surface and slowly work the compound in to the paint on speed 1/2  (600-900 rpm for Rotary) and Speed Range 2/3 for Dual Action Machine
  • Spread a 60x60cm area on speed 1 ensuring full coverage.
  • Increase the Machines speed to 4-6 on your DA and start slowly working the compound into the defects in a cross hatching method with enough pressure to still see the pad rotating slowly.
  • Continue making these “passes” 3 or 4 times. Wipe off Residue with a soft Microfiber Towel and Inspect your work. Continue if necessary.


→  The entire range of Maxshine’s Pads are sure to impress. With Quality being the utmost importance whilst still retaining some of the lowest prices offered in Australia for this level of quality and longevity.


All of Maxshine’s range of Cutting, Polishing and Finishing Pads are manufactured from Quality Sourced Raw Materials from either Germany, Korea, China or Australia.


The Hook and Loop Backing Material will attach very tightly to all polishing machine backing plates and the adhesive used to secure the Foam Face will not deteriorate or melt if proper techniques are utilised.


“Many years of research in German Foam Construction has greatly helped Maxshine Construct some of the best pads on the market. Their patent design and material ingredients is what stands them apart from the crowd!”


→  Try them for yourself and see what all the fuss is about.


→  Don’t put up with overpriced pads that crumble and fall apart anymore. Use Maxshine’s Pads Over and Over again and reap the reward of longer lasting and increased results.


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