Shopping Centre Wash n Go!



Shopping Centre Wash n Go!


Now this may seem to be a rant but I want people that care about their Vehicles to understand why I absolutely do not recommend that your Car be ‘Washed’ at these types of places!


Whilst sure it is convenient, you hand your keys over and come back after shopping and your car appears nice and clean! It’s cheap. Maybe 60 bucks or so. Job done Right? Wrong!
These places were created to maximise profits on vehicle turnover. They want to use the cheapest and minimal amount of product they can get their hands on. They often don’t even use water on your car to save money. (More on that later)
These cheap inferior products they use are very acidic, they actually do more harm than good! Over time the constant use of cheap product will dry out your Vehicles rubber trims, etch the paint and decrease the life of you car!

Polishing Towels

Next time you pass and I mean ‘Pass’ one of these car wash places have a look at their Washing, Drying and Polishing Sponges and Towels. I do, all the time! Their equipment is filthy, that sponge, wash cloth, drying towel or Applicator Pad has been used on possible hundreds of cars that week or scarily even per day!
Those Dirty, Contaminated Towels and Sponges contain everyone else’s contaminants and you now have yourself a new collage of fine scratches and swirls.

The Wax

They ‘Buy per the 500 Litre’ liquids and waxes, obviously these are no good!. They actually contain high amounts of Fillers which temporarily fill the scratches and swirls. As soon as the Vehicle is exposed to any type of Heat, the cheap wax melts out of the swirls and your Vehicle looks terrible.

The Environment

I won’t go on about it too much but generally because the vehicle turnover is so high the companies don’t make time to clean the washing areas properly. This is just a recipe for disaster. It only takes one grain of sand in their wash sponge to destroy a clear coat!

Touch Free/ Rotating Brush Type Machines

Common sense should prevail here my serious detailing friends!
The chemicals are cheap, very strong, non PH Neutral and acidic. The very high pressure Foam, Wash, Rinse and Dry nozzles will damage any type coating you have on your Vehicle. They put tiny pit holes in clear coats and damage external rubbers and trims. Ever seen a pressure washer cut through a Water Melon?
Rotating Brush Type Machines, obviously you don’t care about the appearance of the Vehicle. You’re paying for Custom Swirls and Scratches. You won’t see them until that ‘Supreme Wax’ melts out the next day! You only have to listen to the Horror Noise of the brush grinding away at the paint to realise!

Self Serve Scratch Wash (Oops I meant ‘Car Wash’)

I’m sure that guy that just washed his 4wd coming back from a mud run cleaned the ‘Foaming and Wash; Broom’ off thoroughly for you! Enough Said!

Attention to Detail

Once you hand your keys over and leave the scene sometimes up to 6 people start to work on your car! No consideration is taken to take any particular care with what they are doing! They work on the clock! Their Boss Rewards them for turnover not quality. I’ve often seen them share the same single wash bucket which contains all those nasty dirt particles.
No grit guards
No Three Bucket method or even running water as they wash
No decontamination before machine polishing which only pushes defects in the paint further.
And much, much more!
You get what you pay for!


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