The World of Vehicle Detailing


The World of Vehicle Detailing


The world of vehicle detailing has evolved dramatically in recent years.


I can still remember when I first took an interest in detailing from a young age. The first was an early model flame red Mitsubishi Magna, it was my Mothers friend that was visiting for the week. The paint was chalky and had basically no shine at all. She had bought the car from new and had never bothered to protect it at all. It was left outside in the elements and looked horrible. It was acrylic paint with no clear coat, you could literally run your finger along the paint and the residue would come off.

I got to work! I broke out my Fathers Wash n Wash detergent; spray degreased the wheels, engine bay and door jambs and dried the car off. I armed myself with some good old Terry Towelling Cheese Cloth and got to work with some heavy cutting paste. Many hours later after the initial cut and the shine had returned I realised how much satisfaction it was to do this! I remember having to wash the car again as the amount of Red dust and Polishing Compound was everywhere! I found a soft wash sponge in the shed and decided to use that for the final stage with a thing called polishing liquid. (The picture on the bottle had a nice shiny red car!)

It turned out amazing! I could actually see myself in the paint (Although patchy and uneven as I did it all by hand). My neighbour gave me some wax and I gave my work the icing on the cake! Wow, what a difference I had made.

The satisfaction of turning what most would just think is unfixable to learning the absolute basics of Paint Correction has led me to where my detailing knowledge is today.

From the introduction of Clear Coat Two Stage paints to understanding how paint is manufactured and Applied to Learning about Paint decontamination, Machine Polishing, Proper Techniques and numerous protection options. I knew this was my thing! The satisfaction of my clients face as they see their pride and joy in a new form is priceless!

I have travelled the world to source the best products available. I want to create an environment where everyone can learn correct detailing techniques and experience what I do every single day!

Whilst a lot of people think Paint Correction is too hard or they don’t want to ‘Screw it up’im telling you now that is is! But only if you don’t educate yourself and use the correct gear!

Refract is here to help!

Scott Byrne
Refract Vehicle Detailing


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